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Commercial Manager

Driving License
Pouzols (34230) France
Professional Status
About Me
To secure a position with a global reputable company within which I am able to apply my professional expertise in the field of Business Development in both national and international markets. To embrace the challenges to develop and drive opportunities to improve both margins and revenues.
I am a hard working, motivated, reliable, and trustworthy individual. My ethos is to represent my employer in a totally professional way and do business with all parties in a fair and ethical manner. I believe in making myself fully conversant with my employer’s policies and ensuring all my actions are within those policies.

Whatever the role assigned to me I bring clear focus and vitality to the achievement of the required goal(s). Creative thinking, new ideas, improvisation, and an ability to clearly and effectively communicate, have often assisted me in this.

I have excellent communication skills including face to face, oral, multimedia, presentation.

I function equally well in either a team environment or in an individual capacity and can comfortably switch between the two.

My past employment has taken me to many countries from which I have a respect for the skills and cultures of others. I am comfortable with dealing with people at any level.


July 1984 to January 2009
  • Jul 1984 – Jan 2009 : HERVIEU SAS - Manufacturer of wheels and wheel bearing/castors for the industrial sector B to B (SME) with a turnover of 10 M€

    Main responsibilities and achievements as Export Manager & Computer Network Manager

    • Maintained and developed all export side of the business.
    • Supervised the entire computer network relating to the export side of the business
    • Managed a team of 4

    1999 - 2009 – Business Development Manager and Computer Manager

    Main responsibilities and achievements as Business Development Manager:

    • Developed and opened industrial and commercial markets in Eastern Europe
    • Opened the Russian market for our products
    • Developed relationships in Moscow which lead to business between Hervieu and local Russian industries.
    • Established, developed, and expanded new markets in Romania and installed the computer program “bord de ligne” d’Avtoframos (Renault)
    • Grew professional relationships and successfully increased our contracts with Renault, Peugeot, and Citroën in Eastern Europe.
    • Facilitated the development and launch of the computer program “bord de ligne” for the manufacture of "Logan", “Sandero” and “Duster” at Pitesti in Romania for DACIA. (800 K€)
    • Involved in a similar strategy as above in the development of “OYAK-RENAULT” at Bursa in Turkey. This time however, we used a local firm to represent and increase our turnover in that part of the world. (300K€)
    • Dramatically increased our turnover in Eastern Europe (while the turnover in other sectors in the world remained stable).

    Main responsibilities and achievements as Computer Manager:

    • Management of the entire computer network on a technical and programming level.
    • Management of the day to day running and management of the network.
    • Responsible for all financial decision towards new system and general maintenance of the network (OS, Bureautique.).

    1988 - 1999 Hervieu-Pinon (Merger) - Manufacturers of Baggage handling trailers

    Main responsibilities and achievements as International Business Development Manager:

    • Cross regional management of Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Eastern Asia
    • Developed and implemented new strategies to increase sales revenues
    • Developed and maintained relationships with airline and airport companies
    • Secured good working relationships with local representatives in order to successfully meet the needs of the service industry
    • Supervised the manufacture of trailers for the transport of freight on aluminium palettes.
    • Supervised the manufacture of trailers to bear up to 40 tonnes.
    • Particular success the following country’s airports:
    o Algeria
    o Morocco
    o Cairo
    o Dubai
    o Abu Dhabi
    o Jeddah
    o Singapore
    o Hong Kong
    o Moscow
    o Guadeloupe
    o Réunion Island

    Annual turnover : 900 K€

    1984 - 1988

    Main responsibilities and achievements as International Business Development Manager

    • Increased the sales of wheel and wheel bearing/castors in North and West Africa
    • Secured numerous contracts with private and public (government) companies in aeronautics, industry, and military
    • Successfully developed relationships with local companies (Brasserie and fishing Ports)
    • Particular success the following countries:
    o Algeria
    o Morocco
    o Tunisia
    o Gabon
    o Ivory Coast
    o Cameroon
    o Central African Republic
    o Mali
    o Nigeria
    o Senegal

    Turnover 250 K€
Company Description
Purchases and resale of wheels and castors, contact with all the industries by the variety of products